With the number of homeless living on the streets in a typical...

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    With the number of homeless living on the streets in a typical Indian city, Covid is either the cause of death or that final kick unfortunately. Same applies to us living in the West, entirely 1st world problems of over eating on easily available junk (myself included in the eating although not fat by any measure), concurrent major health issues + age + Covid, it is debatable the 'chicken or egg'.

    I have always been sceptical of big Pharma when they raised the cholesterol from an already low base to indicate the 'normal' that everyone should aim for. I went from no cholesterol problem to borderline or above requiring statin! Then I thought to myself, that couple of micro units raised in the normal level does have a massive impact on the drugs people consume! No one ever talks of the side effects of this wonder drug in the same narrative EVERY Govt is pumping up the benefits of these experimental vaccines and ignoring any side effects, never mind the occasional death! Risk worth taking apparently.

    If anyone claims of benefits of alternate treatment, they are confine to Africa as Voodoo witch doctors. AND this is where Social media platform, Govt authorities and news opinions start their demon seeking. What is wrong with funding some large scale studies of Ivermectin, Doxycillin, Vit D or any other cheap but time tested approved drugs? Did someone say net profits?
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