I agree that plenty of people are angry, some mask their anger...

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    I agree that plenty of people are angry, some mask their anger because they fear the repercussions of venting and (perhaps) there are some like me, that consider that their best option is to just not show their anger in an overt fashion.

    I’m not suggesting that anyone should follow my lead, I’m merely pointing out how I deal with this issue.

    I’m happy to engage in conversation with those who want to discuss the topic, regardless of whether they agree/disagree with me.

    I’m open to alternative views but I’m not phased by those who deride me as being uneducated and ignorant of the science as I believe that common sense, generally speaking overrides those who believe that the science is unquestionable.

    PS Not all science is beyond reproach, although much of it is based upon limited factual knowledge.

    Novel technologies are the most flawed science and I find that it is these areas of science that are being shoved down our throats as Undeniable Facts.

    I don’t need a degree to point out the obvious flaws and I don’t mind Blowing Raspberries at anyone who thinks that they can push me around (or anyone else) because of a lack of accreditation.

    It’s a bit of fun and very satisfying to show up those halfwits who think that they’re intelligent enough to spout the bs narratives that they get from the talking heads off of the MSM.

    History is full of twat’s believing half baked propaganda and lies, just look at the crap we were all fed at the end of 2019 up until a year or so ago.

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