@aimone; that article is based on a number of factual errors /...

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    @aimone; that article is based on a number of factual errors / omissions including those below:

    1. Australia has not closed its international borders - Morrison has allowed more than 650,000 people to travel abroad with the right of return since March 27th 2021 - that's why the virus keeps coming here [ie, via leaks from hotel quarantine].
    2. New cases are not out of control throughout Australia, even NSW still has a chance to turn its latest outbreak around.
    3. Even when Australian states have been locked down they've continued to function - people working from home and kids learning online.
    4. The author failed to establish any criteria against which to make comparisons - neither macroeconomic ones nor medical ones.
    5. The author failed to identify 'success stories' at all - is the USA a success story with a death count approaching 700,000 people?
    6. Nor has the author acknowledged what's happened in smart-arsed places such as Sweden.
    7. Australia has never expected to 'permanently move Covid19 cases to zero' - the aim has been to keep Australians safe until the overwhelming majority of people have been fully vaccinated.

    It's just what you'd expect from the likes of Bolt, Jones, Kelly, Credlin and Murdoch Mouthpieces in general ... motormouthed, opinionated crap.
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