Covid starting in Italy tests

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    Well, the kitchen gets warmer --------- more blood tests showing Covid probably in Italy before China

    and, when I was in Germany - I found another animal that might be suspect as an intermediate species - we already know that the Italians eat coypu -

    but, I ran into a german guy who said that he'd eaten both Coypu - which they call nutria - but, he'd also eaten what he calls Bisamratte - which we call Muskrat - both he and his Italian mates.

    I haven't found out how many Muskrat are in Italy - but, there's two reasonably short priced bets as intermediate species that humans eat - which hang about in the same areas as caves - AND bats.

    Combine that lot with the very early blood results in Italy AND a global case map - and, the home of Covid really does look more like Europe than China

    Italy blood samples

    points to that we might well be looking in the wrong country - which makes sense with the evidence from China - and, lack of
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