Ok - now - the coypu and Muskrat eater is the guy in the dark...

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    Ok - now - the coypu and Muskrat eater is the guy in the dark shirt smoking and drinking beer - lots of beer - he appears to be a beer expert

    ok - ya got me - he's not Italian - but, he knows an Italian - indeed he knows Italians who have eaten the coypu as well - I don't know if they drink beer though

    he appears to have survived the ordeal and shows signs of being in a good paddock for quite a while. He was the guy who applied the beerboarding - when I was kidnapped. The bloke in the blue shirt appears to be a ringleader and seems to maintain the beerboarding and torture equipment. I'm not sure if they're speaking Italian - I think they tried to fool me that they were speaking German - we're in France there.

    The blonde hiding behind the bottles spoke perfect English - the rest of them were a mix of zip to - not bad - none of them were in a hurry to allow my escape from captivity.

    I was bribed to not say anything about this beer - they don't want the secret to get out - they think it's too good to share and intend to invade Belgium if the supply ever stops --

    Vieille Bon Secours Ale

    The guy in the orange shirt is a guy who started bus tours out of somewhere before Graham Turner did and was asked to go to London to set up a similar thing to what he had done - Turner and co - it's my guess - because this guy (orange man) knows the name Top Deck Travel well and knew how they operated ------- hmmmm- an interesting story - and, yes - they were Aussies and yes - they ran it like Aussies would - tell you that one over a beer - not here. (he didn't know the name GT, nor did he know about Flight centre).
    He owned the prison van. The woman next to him made dinner on the last night before my escape - the main was as good as anything traditional I've had in France - the meat and sauce - which was mustard and cream was superb - I have to keep that quiet around here.

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