@ralomin a word . Good. i drew 2 arrows. Those show that during...

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    in a word . Good.

    i drew 2 arrows. Those show that during those weeks it it was trying to run up but was sold into shown by the top wicks. I drew few resistance lines . this week its hitting 5.5c . This was the area where there were sellers in previous weeks so its retesting that area and seem to be holding. This is great news because it could mean those sellers are gone so more chances for the price moving up. Added to this the high volume which is the strongest its been for few years. its climbing off its base so potential can multi bag in the longer time frames. But you ll need to check fundamentals.
    Whats its story. how much cash they got on hand. Whats the driver ?
    first target 7 c then 10c potentially.

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