Day Trader’s Aftermarket Lounge 13 Aug 2019

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    Welcome to the Day Trader’s Aftermarket Lounge. Thanks for the opens today @taughtbuffet, @Bowser. and @Seb93smile.png

    The market opened red, touched the green a couple of times in the morning but by the afternoon, it drifted down into the red closing 0.33% down. The spec end was mixed this morning. Hope you had a good day smile.png

    WORLD BAR TOUR! (DAY 71 of 197) Today's country is Guinea-Bissau.

    Tonight we head 'next door' to the country on the left of last night's Guinea. Here, we head to the beach to enjoy some drinks at the bar in the coastal fishing resort. "The fish I caught was thiiiis big"! eek.png Next pic is a couple of the plethora of Bijagos Islands off the coast.
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