Hi guys, great day for me today, P/F up 2.84%. Don't know if its...

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    Hi guys, great day for me today, P/F up 2.84%. Don't know if its me or the market just being kind, I am showing a 32% profit from 1 July.
    Sold 90% of my RBL today at 4.44, almost the top. Saw the triple top on the daily so took heed, ready to re-enter.
    @jimmy1979 You are right PBH has been on a tear took some profit at 11.93, now holding at 8.80.
    Had a go at day trading BRN today, in at 44.5 out at 51 for net $286. Still holding a few from yesterday at 48.5. Followed the EMA's and they played out perfectly for me, once they turned, 200EMA rejected and the RSI showing over bought it was time to go. Only playing with 2k so once is enough for the day, still learning so do not want to push it. Was looking early at entry around 39/40 but not big enough bollocks, wanted to see how the day would play out.

    MMI a little bit of interest towards end of day and at auction, holding a small amount.
    JXT topped up twice at 14.
    SBW not sure whats going on here, managed to get some more at 24.
    Still holding my gold specs TMZ, CNB and CST from lower down.
    Nearly forgot about PFT, almost on its own in my Commsuc account, it certainly is on a tear. Holding from 20c and not selling.
    Also holding too many HWK, not sure what to do about these down about 12% atm.
    Have a good night all.
    PS; spoke to lawyer today, should get a Fed Court hearing next week, he sounds confidant, been 9 long months in here.
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