Hi guys/gals,Had a good day today, got into PDI late at 088,...

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    Hi guys/gals,
    Had a good day today, got into PDI late at 088, feels like a safe hold overnight with 1.5m in the buy queue.
    My mid-caps are doing well. Got into TYR at 3.20 last Friday and unfortunately paid too much for WOR last week at 8.85 but am confidant this will come back. Sold half my NAE today at 007 for 40% and SLR and MGV yesterday for 10% and 30% respectively.
    Have got to use my IG account the last couple of days, Got RMS last Thursday, PRU Friday at 1.225, SFR yesterday at 4.88 and CHC today for 9.72. I had my orders in and they came to me, only loser so far is RMS down about 1%.
    Only thing with IG is that I cannot find a way to set a stop loss, or even a trailing stop for that matter. Other than that I am loving the platform, especially the charting. Maybe @pustayo you could help with this?
    Have a good night all.
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