I used l2 for the entry for this trade.these were my notes.3.3...

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    I used l2 for the entry for this trade.
    these were my notes.

    3.3 was s2.
    3.3 held the bid. looked to be the low.
    Confirmation was waiting on the offer to be wiped. In this case 3.5 was wiped but realistically wasnt a big enough line.
    There was no large lines from 3.5c to 3.9c at that time. 3.5c was refreshed and wiped again but later 3.4 was taken out so that was my get out as the volume approached 2m. Seller was stepping down.

    so might need to revert back to charts for confirmation.
    Something to learn from.

    But see what happens tomorrow?

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