Economy going well so less prospect of interest rate cut? Coys...

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    Economy going well so less prospect of interest rate cut?

    Coys making too much $$$s so share prices fall. Makes sense. what.png

    ACR. Excellent set up from open with super easy to read FA on anncmnt and good chart with not huge number of sellers waiting. I didn't expect rush to 10c but chart did leave the possibility.

    One thing I have lately come to understand (after reading a book, David Walsh – Bone of Fact* (a terrible book btw) is that most of us who make any $$$s are following some kind of algo whether we are conscious of it or not, more than likely just based on our instincts and experience. But whatever, there is probably a mathematical basis involved that increases our odds of success. At various times our personal algo will be right on the money and you should be making the maximum investment in that trade that is feasible for your trading capital. Otherwise you are not getting the full potential out of your $$$s.

    ACR was one such trade today for me, but unfortunately I just staked it for average amount. So even tho it was a winning trade it was still a dumb trade. I shouda made a month's worth of profits. Maths really isn't my thing.

    * I read the book cos back in the day I was a professional punter and I believed David Walsh and his crew squeezed us out of the market betting a similar system. After reading the book and gleaning more info, I realised that it was probably more to do with me not really having a clue what I was doing.

    Punting and trading are all about managing risk. There is the risk of losing $$$s but also the risk of not making enough profit when it's there. Now you know too. lol
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