Day 2 of FP Markets:YESTERDAY my account looked like this after...

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    Day 2 of FP Markets:

    YESTERDAY my account looked like this after depositing $1,000 to it

    TODAY my account looks like this:

    Notice my starting balance of $927 today?! I still don't know how FP MARKETS ripped me $1076 - $927 = a discrepancy of +$149. They still cannot tell me how or where it's gone, waiting on Daily Statement.

    Realistically, making +$49 yesterday (XAUUSD was yesterdays trade still showing on my list today) + the $75 today should put my account at +$1,151 frown.pngmad.png

    If I cannot figure out where my money is always getting ripped, i'll have to quit on CFD's and trade regularly with expensive brokerage fees. Time to call these guys up
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