Trust you all had a good one today and minted. Over here, SOR, a...

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    Trust you all had a good one today and minted. Over here, SOR, a coinabling was had, IMM, trinketed it in auction. Have mentioned previously I am an intra (intraday trader), however on the earning and learning mantra, a poster mentioned double tweezer bottom (?) sometime in the last fortnight (possibly the aftermarket) and I reckon I spotted one in the NCZ daily - so I have willingly gone an overnighter/st'er (to test the learning and alchemise it into earning).

    Hey Gunslinger, at least half those suggestions were us or uk mainstream productions, would have thought they were available there (am in eu). If they're not conventionally available, for there to be a way, first there was a will.

    Speaking of sabbaticals, or more correctly, raising the subject of sabbaticals, back in a cupla weeks (or maybe longer), going solo style, to zenify further, in my attempt to become the market. I do it regularly and quite frankly recommend it. Gets you back to the core of your trading strategy. I contemplated a bread and butter trade this morning rather than actioning it. Solo style will fix that.

    Tomorrow is a brand new trading day, have a mixture of good and great ones.
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