One of the best days since I started trading. No intraday...

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    One of the best days since I started trading. No intraday orders, but those MHK shares I that bought 2-3 days leading into TH earned me six figures profit and almost an year's wage (mind you mine's not high as other gun traders' here)....booked them in and taken them off the table at around today's VWAP, left heaps on the table, especially early in the day, but had no idea how this would've played out...hence chose to follow the 1min/5min trend and VWAP... thanks to some TA skills I learned recently, else the old me would've got out soon after the open.

    Still holding most of my original parcels from late last year/early this year...keen to see how this story plays out. Very hot atm, and many would feel overvalued, but I prefer to watch the money flow. Tight register, top 20 with 50% holding, including all directors having big holdings and their associates loading up in the past 6 months... WSA on the register as a sub holder doing other Ni drilling in their JV projects...and this Ni finding isn't their flagship project (gold) either...CHN spinning MHK's other gold JV into a new IPO etc., so plenty to like. Won't be surprised a CR coming shortly, especially if someone knocks on the door of the management to use the opportunity.

    Feels very refreshing for a change, after some set backs recently. Thanks to many who supported me, not naming names as there are quite a few and I don't want to miss out any. Hopefully SCU would be next to come out of the slumber!

    Have a nice evening, and look forward to be around more, without giving away most of those profits
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