we will make fortune out of stock market mate, just follow...

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    we will make fortune out of stock market mate, just follow ...there are good buying opportunities...One thing you need to do very fast that cut your loss immediately, if you don’t cut then blue chips takes months to come back especially when you buy at higher price... Col is not your buying mistake but not cutting at 17$ is your mistake!

    stocks are not companies & companies are not stocks. Apx SP is a terrible mistake I made because I trusted company But stock is killing. I didn’t like gnp report so cut it small 2% profit. Rbl I cut at 5.88$ otherwise my loss would be too big today.

    you need to ruthlessly cut your loss and keep find good charts which are only going up. HIT is moving, LLC is going towards to 16$ now.even it was a bad result but ppl are trading chart on Llc. Gold moving too

    a small penny punt I did a chart on PXX thread moving nicely, target is 5.4c

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