Ditch the card. Pay cash

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    Keep cash in circulation. Where possible pay in cash. The main reason is to be able to maintain the right to spend your money where you wish to do it without big brother making decisions for you.
    There is no doubt that there are those that want to have complete control over our lives would be able to do that if they could control your ability to spend your hard earned. Eliminating cash would make it easy for big brother to decide if you could eat meat, have a meat pie, have a beer, bet on the races, go on a holiday, buy a new car, put fuel in the one you have, buy a gift, buy or sell your home. The things that they could control are endless.
    They will use the excuse that they want to control money laundering by criminals. It's up to the law makers to do that.
    They could even spend your money for you.


    Don't ditch the card. There are times when it is handy.
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