Jesus is speaking to SOME people of a future event which SOME of...

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    Jesus is speaking to SOME people of a future event which SOME of them will see, showing that it will be within the lifetime of their generation. The others won't see it because they will be DEAD and GONE.

    No, I said the other day, you need to back up and digest the lingo.
    He speaks of death and then says the likes of, if you do this or that, you will not see, taste death = means some of them, as naturally only some will act on the instructions.

    Some of them --> no it is not in concrete that the ones that won't see it will be dead.
    The some of them is referring to the ones that accept and abide in his message, the word of God, they are the ones that will see and experience the Kingdom of God.
    So he throws this Some standing here is as a comforter to them, after putting the sh... up them.
    So he in effect, deviates off the doom and gloom subject, onto another, all be it brief.

    Goodness me, what are you NOT grasping the likes of his repeated words, Kingdom near at hand, in your midst etc AND;
    Luke 11:20 - But if I with the finger -->(Spirit as per Mark) of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.
    Are you saying this verse is porks?

    Spirit, finger, the word of God are referred to as being one on the same as God's words are Spirit = they come, the Kingdom has come.
    But only to those who accepted and abided in the word of God.
    The word of God IS the Keys to the Kingdom.

    You lot are missing a key event, a key purpose of what was a result of Jesus coming etc.
    Gave them the tools etc to enable them to endure to the end.

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