"Interesting Trump worshippers are not posting on threads of...

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    "Interesting Trump worshippers are not posting on threads of these development, it was not an insurrection they said because no one is facing those charges they said. LOL

    lol lol lol mmm mmmm lol lol and that would include our good friend pints - he made about 25 posts yesterday - and has totally steered clear of these recent (and very very interesting) developments involving trump and jan6 happenings ..

    mmm and watso has been thinking that pints - (the video poster king on hc) would have been the very first to post videos of the latest happenings - ie .. oathies charged with sedition, fake electoral college certificates , gop house leader mccarthy ...

    lol lol our good friend pints, 25 posts yesterday - and at least 3 topics that he has totally steered clear off .. lol lol

    lol lol surely our good friend hersuit could have been expected to post on this thread - seeing that he posted ad-infinitum on the thread that he started (Post #: 58824813 ) about the fbi being up to their necks in fomenting jan 6 riots - and the TRUTH WOULD EMERGE

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