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    A job opportunity for all those on fixed incomes whose income is being reduced through inflation who might need to earn some extra money should consider jobs as legal professional beggars and selling raffle tickets in shopping centres for $24 per hour.

    Australia has about 54,000 registered Charities permitted to legally beg for money and only a few of that 54,000 professional beggars are religious organisations.

    I have examined some of these beggars and if you look on INDEED job search there are more jobs available as professional beggars for unemployed than any other category of unskilled work, They pay about $24 per hour or over $100,000 if you have done a university course on professional begging. All these 54,000 professional beggars offer ATO approved tax deductions costing taxpayers who know how much so all their staff can continue in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. They even have a professional begging association to teach each other how to beg most effectively....So if you need a job, what better way that doing it legally.

    There are thousands of these jobs currently available to apply for. So happy hunting.
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