No this is a refiling of an earlier Police statement made by...

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    No this is a refiling of an earlier Police statement made by Katie and her grandmother when she was still 13.

    The facts are simply he has now been documented as booking massages and requesting the same minor 5 separate times. The girls minder at the time also verified these encounters.

    It's hard for a decent moral person to believe he would attend these events with no intent given they were organised sex parties that Epstein's estate has now paid out over $125M to the victims (all minors at the time).

    Hard to also believe his ex wife would document his violent sexual assault in such detail, losing a lawsuit for $79M based on jury verdict, +30 other official complaints, Stormy Daniels testimony being accepted by the jury and verified by Pecker and Hicks, Karen (Playboy) McDougal interview of their affair for 2 years, "grab em"....etc etc etc

    This all goes to show is really is just a narcissistic predator.

    The meme now of X about Dems doing the same are coming out of Russia. Nevertheless if any of it proves accurate then they should face the full force of the law. The only issue you will note is we're not seeing official Police complaints or lawsuits, unlike the Trump.

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