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    EV Sales Q1. To quote an analyst: “While we were anticipating a bad quarter, this was an unmitigated disaster that is hard to explain away”

    Why is Ford pulling out its loan to LTR? What happens to its offtake?
    BREAKING: FORD PULLS OUT OF EV - SHIFTS TO HYBRIDS | LOST BILLIONS Ford is delaying all-electric vehicle launches and moving focus to hybrids. The move follows a noticeable $4.7 billion loss in Ford's electric division, contrasting with a $7.5 billion profit in traditional and hybrid vehicles. Source: The New York Times

    You can build 25 hybrids with the minerals that it takes to build 1 EV," says Celebrity Motor Car Company owner Tom Maoli as Ford delays EV launches. "This is a brilliant move by
    , and it's a brilliant move by Ford." $F
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