oh, no no no no no, non if you knew my self discipline levels -...

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    oh, no no no no no, non

    if you knew my self discipline levels - you'd never suggest an ebike

    I know they'd be wonderful - and, gone would be my desire to pedal - just like that - also, gone would be my fitness and on would be a giant fat layer as it built hour to hour, Gateau by Gateau

    Some of the Gendarme teams here now have E MTB's - there's 3 of em I see about here now and then -

    I told them that they were whooses ---------- not like real frogs who were in the foreign legion and wouldn't be seen dead on an E bike

    I told them in full confidence that it wouldn't upset them -------- of course - they didn't understand a thing I was saying - and cruised off silently - waving a happy Au revior Ozzie

    should they ever work out what I said - I might have to peddle faster for a bit.

    Na - I understand completely the advantages to commuters with a no sweat trip and also to us more sensible people who do not participate in work and who push bikes up mountains and hills in far off lands - the only thing that humans are really designed to do

    but, no - I'll stick to baguette power via muscle storage because if I even took an E bike for a trial run ----------- I'd never be satisfied with anything else
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