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    Start of rant.

    Rant title: The handwriting skill or lack thereof among today's youth....

    I consistently deal with forms that are handwritten and I find that a great deal many of today's youth have simply no idea of how to write in a legible manner. In fact I will go as far as to say that some of it is downright atrocious to the point where I have to confirm details before they can be entered into the system. Sixteen year olds have the handwriting capabilities of a six year old for God's sake! How are they ever going to be able to communicate effectively using written language if they are unable to type what they want to say?

    And signatures! Oh my God! One signature was signed simply using the first name only as though they were some world famous rockstar known to all and sundry. Another simply used their initials. I thought to myself what do you parents say then I looked at the parents signature; it was their initials!!! I was gobsmacked! Pretty soon we'll be back to the pirate days where you simply made your mark..... Sign Here: X


    End of rant.
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