@Joannie - I am back 'on-line' again, as I just heard our PM is...

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    @Joannie - I am back 'on-line' again, as I just heard our PM is going to make an 'honest woman' out of Jodie, his companion - and there was speculation whether 'Toto' the dog, will take part in the ceremony,
    Good on him! he is an old-fashioned man, and they are the best!

    It set me to musing, and maybe @NoBoDe can help out here:
    and maybe @big e and @michelef and @Margaret63 also:
    How many of our 'leaders' did have pets, dogs, cats, chameleons (should be a great one for politicians rolleyes.png

    Of course having a pet does not necessarily mean that the owner is a good person, Hitler had a dog, a German Shepherd, who had to share its owners final fate by being despatched before him . . . .

    and years ago I remember a very funny article written by a New York writer about the 'presidential cats' and advice being given by a former Presidential cat to a successor cat - I have kept it somewhere, it was so funny - and I just remembered that President Lincoln loved cats, so there is a succession of White House cats. I know the Bidens have a cat and a dog, too.
    Do we, in Australia, have a similar history of high-living dogs or felines in the PM's Lodge?

    Hot again, today

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