Forget the rest, take Vit D3

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    Why is is that we have been battling this virus for months and only now Indonesia tells it the way it is - D3 makes a big difference. 20 nanograms is a desperately low figure, the sort of reading one would expect of a black in Chicago at the end of winter. Our GPs don't routinely test for this so insist on a test. If you are below 60 ng supplement. No if's no buts I like to be 100.

    D3 is a sunlight hormone synthesised in the epidermis of mammals and birds. Do you think vanity causes a bird, or a cat to preen and groom endlessly? The D3 is synthesised in the fur or feathers and injested by preening. I had an avery of budgies as a boy but Dad put a roof over the whole thing. Only after I supplemented their seed with cod liver oil did my birds get healthy.

    Our "experts" can't claim that no one has told them [they are the supposed to be the ones telling us] because Dr John Campbell has been pushing this for months. If your reply is that D3 is too cheap so friendless you win the quepie doll.

    "Enough" remains undefined, unfortunately.
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