Forget UBI, how about free housing??

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    Can everyone agree the world is f*ed up??

    I think the world is f*ed up, dunno about you.

    I have a cousin who gets paid a stupid amount of money. Some would call him a fat cat although he is not fat. The taxpayer pays him. He gives of gave notes to the people on the streets for what reason, to make any sense of his activity I do not know. This is the cantillon effect nonetheless.

    Then I thought today, why do we worry about housing at all?? Some guy is going to add another 20 houses to his 300 houses and mounting debt see below.

    Is this what we want? Whats the point???

    Then I thought why do we not make housing for free?? We already have it don't we?? Its called social housing although some argue not enough.

    So what is the problem with social housing??? It attracts bombs, the violent, and other issues. they get burnt down.

    Is the problem not social housing but lack of penalties for destroying housing. If we have social housing why not CCTV and alarms. Why not penalties like death for those that wish not to comply?? No gangs allowed, no drugs, penalties using drugs. Not many want to be a social cop because they do not get paid do they??

    If housing was for free, safe and liveable would the guy chase another 20 houses after 300?
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