"however, it is obvious that Israel get their power from the US...

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    "however, it is obvious that Israel get their power from the US war machine"

    To protect the saudis and all the energy wealth in that region which is sold in U.S. dollars which in turn allows America to spend as much as it wants since the debt is all in its own currency. This is what America means when it talks about its interests in the m.e.. It is the ability to control the energy; they do it via Israel and that is why Israel can do whatever it wants. The U.S. dollar is the reserve currency which is why America is on top! The only way china will win is if this currency is replaced.

    The main role for Israel is to protect the saudis. The Palestine thing is a long running con. Israel needs violence to stay relevant. How perverse is that!

    Israel will side with the russians if America disappears. It's not Israel but the west that will disappear without America.
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