I think these thong type bottoms are out of place at a public...

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    I think these thong type bottoms are out of place at a public bathing place or beach. What people wear in own backyard is up to them.

    I take my beloved wife and our grandchildren to beach near where we live, and prefer our enjoyment of the beach to not be tawdry and having to be careful where i point my head. I am a healthy heterosexual male but take seriously my Bibles guidance about sinning with my eyes.

    Oh and a word of advice to a few of the gstring wearers:- There seems to be a lot of cellulite around these days. Best kept out of sight, or go easy on the junk food and walk a bit more often.

    There are way too many signs already and Council cannot enforce dog off lead times and rules, so I don't advocate they get involved but maybe they should. I'd go back to the tape measures for sure. Simple, objective. Maybe the influencers who seem to have outsized influence on young women's behaviour and dress, might reflect on their role in society.

    Most of the blokes around here go for the board shorts which are comfortable and modest.

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