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    While it was fun to point and laugh at the US under Trump, all the hollow bombast about making the place great again & ‘the greatest economy ever’, I think the joint is a failed state. It’s like the late stage Roman Empire trying to hang on to its tattered glory while it falls apart around their ears.

    Hunting down Trump in the COVID ravaged ruins of the USA seems like a sad spectacle. Maybe they could have him torn apart by wild animals at the Circus Maximus?

    The US is on its way to becoming another Venezuela. I think we all are probably. The whole western world is running on ludicrous Ponzi finance and pipe dreams.
    We’ve all become too big to fail, even as it’s more and more obvious we’ve failed and that the widening cracks are just being papered over with more and more freshly created ‘money’.

    Biden is the fresh new hope for a brighter tomorrow? Don’t make me laugh. It’s beyond a joke.
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