So not able to directly answer a single question I posed to you...

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    So not able to directly answer a single question I posed to you ?

    This is how it's done.

    "Why do you so easily accept CCP propaganda?" - I don't accept nor promote any CCP propaganda. I simply don't believe the US war propaganda that genocide is being committed against the Uighurs or Tibetans. That is absolutely not support for the misnamed CCP.

    "Why have you repeatedly and uncritically promoted the World Socialist Website?" - because it is the political party I support. It is the analysis and perspective I agree with. It includes opposition to both war parties of the US and opposition to the capitalist CCP which should be overthrown by the chinese working class, not bombed into oblivion by the US.
    The WSWS calls out all the fake claims of genocide which the US promotes to justify it's catastrophic wars.

    "Why do you make apologies for repressive one party regimes that have a history of eliminating dissent, herding minority groups into concentration camps, and murdering tens of millions of civilians over the last century?" - I'm not making apologies for the CCP I'm simply refusing to join the donkey's braying for war with China which would be an incalculable disaster for the minorities you pretend to care about. Not to mention the fate of tens of millions of Chinese US and Australians.

    "Why do you assume opposition to genocide in occupied East Turkestan and occupied Tibet equates to support for certain narratives in Serbia or Syria? Is it because you have a simplistic black and white view of the world? Trying to squeeze all of human history into a single theory (in your case, Marxism) is a sure sign of fanaticism, and uncritical thought."

    There is no genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet. It is war propaganda designed to browbeat the US/Canadian/Australian population into another catastrophic US war. Exactly the same war propaganda techniques recycled from the war propaganda used to justify the other disastrous US wars in Serbia and the ME.
    Politics is complex, not at all black and white or simple but you are the one uncritically spewing up war propaganda , not me.

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