Get rid off Novak and the Biloela family!

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    Scomo and his underlings keep babbling on about the govt strong border protection policy!

    Yet, when it comes to getting rid off this family they keeping failing to forcefully remove them…Sri Lanka is happy to accept them?

    The Biloela family have been thru multiple court cases and been found to be unfit to reside in Australia,

    The only similarity between these two cases is the way they entered the country thru documentary evidence.

    At least Novak has proven in past to be of economic benefit to our nation and forcing him to leave the country may lead to the AO lose its standing to our nemeses, China!

    If they can keep giving bridging visa to the Biloela family why not give Novak a bridging visa so he can compete.

    At least Novak will leave the country and not be a burden on our society!

    This debacle isn’t anything about protecting the health of the population because the mix messaging from the Fed and State's politicians has been for a couple of months that the population needs to be contaminate with Omicron.

    So the argument about strong border protection is BS…it simply using Novak for political purpose for upcoming election

    Simply political Grand Standing being prepared to endanger the AO Grand Slam status.

    This is simply political desperation!
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