GOLD 0.51% $1,391.7 gold futures

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    Hi Biggle’s and all,

    So I take it that’s a no on the proof thing!

    RSG: $0.26 to over a dollar come Monday and that’s a penny dreadful!

    Please feel free to suggest any similar shares I should be looking at.

    Biggle’s Fresh food farm shop: Fresh eggs, dressed poultry, steak, beef mince on special, baggage stored and handled, scenic air flights, stand-up comedy with prior notice, real estate and p1ss poor investment advice, cut price funerals with home-made Pork Pies and a large bag of free range bull sh1t with every purchase!

    I reckon you just about have it covered.

    And to think there are many well qualified halfwits that are unable to find gainful employment!

    Still to be fair I should also acknowledge my own shortcomings my predictions of $1,260.00 Gold and RSG at $1.00 have proved to be some $32.00 and a day’s trading well off the mark. Andy consider yourself a profitable uniformed idiot! I can live with that!

    Cheers and very best regards: Andy
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