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    Just showing that each condition is different, different investors and circumstances. We all would like to find answers to each situation and explain it logically but this is usually best explained through hindsight.

    I suspect a lot here hoping for a market crash do not necessary understand what they are hoping for. Human fear is a very powerful sentiment and can be driven to react illogically regardless of educational achievements.

    BTW, Shangcomp collapsed should be treated in isolation because the bulk of the domestic fortune is not really tied to the stock markets unlike developed economies. That is not to say I underestimate the collateral damage it inflicts. My main worry is China is the real trigger for our economic volatility because our private sector debt is so large as a % of GDP and so exposed to non foreign exporting income. Property bubbles or the perceived one in Syd/Mel is no different to Chinese Ghost cities. Just looking for the spark to encourage mass exits through a small door!
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