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    For the Bo Polny fans, I'll assume, (probably incorrectly) for the sake of argument that you're reasonably intelligent people and that you consider the following questions...

    1. Why is Bo selling you his silver for your 'worthless' fiat money?
    2. If 'God's timing is perfect' as he alleges, why is he telling you and not making a fortune for himself?
    3. Why have his past predictions failed if 'God's timing is perfect'?
    4.Why is Bo running a business selling gold, silver and dud predictions when all he has to do is place a massive short on the DJIA and play golf?
    5. Why isn't he already a billionaire living like the Russian oligarchs?
    6. Why is he invoking the Almighty? You don't think it's because religious people are so gullible, after all how many scams happen at church?
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