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Where you believe it or not is immaterial to me, I'm making the...

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    Where you believe it or not is immaterial to me, I'm making the point that I'm involved in something useful

    Surely whether people believe you or not is material though. Most don't believe you. They've seen your response to losing a bet, they've seen your response to Gold increasing over these many months - which has been to deny reality - and the only conclusion possible has to be that you are an individual who places little value on establishing credibility.

    You are not involved in anything useful here. 17,133 posts consisting of wild and ludicrous calls that Gold would go to USD 800 an oz, enticements to others to enter into bets which are then not honoured, trawlings for 'dirt' on other posters, endless goofy charts, mindless and incessant carry on about 'Peter Schiff', unwanted updates about what little doings you are up to in your fantasy life as a very low-level property wheeler dealer. None of it in the least useful, intelligent, or necessary.
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