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    Hi Biggle’s and all,

    “In February and March alone I'd say I'm up by $300,000 minimum.”

    Any chance of proving that statement I mean how many funerals can you do in a day.

    However, I must say I am impressed with how much you are playing with as you have previously told us your target for the year is 6% so to be up $300K in two months would indicate you have some $30,000,000.00 in the market. You could buy a Pork Pie shop with that kind of money!

    I have no wish to get into a who has the biggest Willie competition but:

    Incidentally you know I have done better than that since January and if anyone doubts me send me a facsimile number and I can prove it!!!

    Well it looks like my predictions are pulling in a little bit we reached $1,260.00 five days after my call for last Friday. RSG missed the dollar mark it traded at $0.98; however, I can’t say I am particularly disappointed. Gold over $1,270.00 and RSG closed at $0.975 I can live with that.

    Just think if you had put all your $30,000,000.00 into RSG back in January you would be in a position to quit your professional trolling day job!

    I think the deal the USA has with China to sink their dollar and take the pegged Yuan with it may have a little longer to play out. Japan, poor old Abe not only has his three arrows missed the target he has now smashed his bow. Mario and his Bazooka has also failed I guess he used the French model. It’s no wonder our new French designed submarines aren’t using their weapons but going with the American systems at least we should be able to hit a few big white buildings with a red cross on their roof! How do those septic tanks do it when Médecins Sans Frontières go to all the trouble of giving them the exact coordinates of their hospitals? Once an accident but twice now and a Nobel Peace prize Pathetic!

    Enjoy your weekend folks it will be interesting to see what happens overnight in NY and Europe.

    Cheers and very best regards: Andy
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