Holding "GAMESTOP Stock" is the new BitCoin !

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    Holding "GAMESTOP Stock" is the new BitCoin !

    My belief is holding Gamestop stock will be like owning bitcoin or gold or sports team
    As a store of wealth and currency and previlage
    The business fundamentally does not need to make a profit just like gold or bitcoin to generate investor interest
    Owning Gamestop gives you cred amongst the reddit wallstbets
    The supply of gamestop stock is very small, making it ideal long term
    The satisfaction of owning Gamestop is just like owning Gold as a passive/precious investment
    Reddit wallstbets has live youvideos, people are live streaming their bets, its a new form of entertainment combing the thrills of a casion and live trading
    Gamestop stock could go all the way to $5,000+, which would still be a fraction of bitcoin and gold value

    Even if Gamestop issues more shares, people will still buy more stock, the hedge funds will never be able to short over 100% gamestop again !
    Day trading volumes on Gamestop is the second highest !!! That gives people plenty of liquidity
    People are expecting "reddit traders" to act rationally, like it will go back to $10-$40 a stock anytime now, but they are too excited and have too much cash to take on the shorts.
    International money is also coming into Gamestop, they are also buying the new "bitcoin" story
    Even if people lose money in Gamestop, people will start be tempted to buy more, as a new wave of gamestop holders make money !
    Whenever their is a gov stimulus, it will flow on to Gamestop stock

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