Lots of sound advice there, im leaning more towards your style...

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    Lots of sound advice there, im leaning more towards your style only cause i dont understand TA.
    And im at the ripe old age of 38, so i have a long tims to go and by the time i retire there will be a few more financial events.

    Im glad of where i have come from and in this last year have learnt alot, my focus now is stremlining my portfolios of stock and trimming the crap where i can (bad performing stocks).
    I missed MQG, CBA, but recently bought FMG which im now glad i own and averaged down on NAB which im happy with as a turn around storey.

    A2M im holding for the moment as i think if the 2nd wave of covid eventually subsides then i see A2M being a safe haven for uncertainty, just like it held up when all the other stocks went sour.

    A2M has a massive cash pile so thats why it held up, it was seen as a safe place to store wealth.
    Once the covid storm had passed with the help of the government, thats when you saw funds flow out of A2M and into other stocks. (Quite the learning curb for me).

    Any way it you have some spare change and want another iron ore play, FEX is not a bad punt, their 1st shipment is due on the 6th Feb (unconfirmed) signs point to this.

    FEX is going to make back nearly 3x their net present value in the first 12 months of EBITDA, wirh iron ore staying around these levels, they have a break even price of USD$68.00 dmt 62% CFR price.

    And finally i do take onboard what both of you say and am alot better for it.

    Take care guys and all the best to you and your families.
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