Hybrids Vs PHEVs vs All Electric, page-9

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    You obviously have not studied the cost of ownership for a driver/commuter
    who does 1 hour plus driving in the city daily?

    Look at the taxis....they know how to calculate the cost of ownership of a car
    .....its their bread and butter.

    In the old days when petrol was 2 bob there were no worries....anything goes

    Then there was the taxi LPG era ($2K or so to convert to LPG and bob's your uncle)

    Then the taxi business saw a short stint of diesels.

    But the Toyota Prius followed by the Hybrid Camry blew LPG & Diesels out of the water.

    IMO its fine to have an emotive reaction to EVs/Hybrids (IMO Hybrids are still the best for city cycle
    and high kms IMO) but the pros whose bottom line depend on overall cost of ownership know where its at.
    Even my local Indian curry house runs a hybrid for deliveries!

    As with the Stock market...the trend is your friend....eh?

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