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    For each price movement(swing) , there is a relationship between the how far the price moves and how it gets there, essentially related to volume/candle wicks(basically)/price action. Big moves generally have bigger volume so to speak. We are looking at this relationship from one move to the next move of the same kind, so comparing an upswing with the next(or previous) upswing, or a down move and its neighbouring one. Usually the relationship matches up with the price, when the price makes a higher high so does the MACD histogram, when it makes a lower high so it does the histogram. A Divergence occurs when this isn't in tune, for example the histogram might be making higher highers but the price may be making lower highs, or higher highs on the price but lower highs on the histogram. The same applies to the lows, as in this case. Basically when you see a divergence, if it's on the highs then it's bearish indicating the price and the price action on the swing higher don't match up and will exert pressure down. When it's on the lows as on our daily chart here, then the down move is out of sync with the price action/volume indicating pressure to move higher.

    I have found divergence to be at the lower end of high probability signals, but the main advantage is that it always leads the move, it's not a lagging indicator.
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