"When one ventures into a war zone what do you expect to...

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    "When one ventures into a war zone what do you expect to happen"
    Well , one of 3 things really .
    You can be accidently killed or injured.
    You can be killed or injured on purpose .
    You can survive and bravely provide the humanitarian aid that is required.
    But , of course , preventing starvation doesn't follow the Israeli script.
    So you needed to be murdered.

    The outcome depends on how many sociopathic cowards are involved really.
    Plenty on both side , the Israelis just have more power.
    Israel is finished , dead people walking , destroyed by the selfishness of the present right wing state.
    Their determination to ally anti-Israel with antisemitism will probably end up causing incalculable harm to jews everywhere.
    So when the synagogue in your town blows up , who is at least partially to blame?
    Could have been a beacon of civilization in the middle east , very sad.

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