''Unfortunately conflict zones are inherantly dangerous, you...

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    ''Unfortunately conflict zones are inherantly dangerous, you either accept the reality or you go home!''

    no one would not accept the understanding that conflict zones are dangerous

    but, the world doesn't have to accept the shit that Israel are doing -

    and, IMO the world will not forgive or forget this now

    the Israel AND Jewish sympathy honeymoon from the Holocaust is OVER

    they have lost the support of a great part of the world -

    even America have the wobbles - and future governments and presidents will have to take very strong note of how Americans feel about this

    the honeymoon is over - Jewish sympathy has stopped like a train hitting a tunnel entrance --------

    never again will Israel get the support it's been used to

    if the arabs want to overrun Israel now -------------- let em

    ONLY those with vested business interests (selling guns) and political parties paid by Jews will complain - because they are in paid service

    anyone else ----------- game over
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