Dude...there's a world of difference between sitting there...

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    Dude...there's a world of difference between sitting there "cheering things on" and recognizing and accepting what has to be done... will be done

    Reserve your animus for Hamas. They're the ones who have refused to accept Israel's right to exist and have pledged themselves to kill all the Jews

    You do know (or you should) that had they accepted her right to exist...had they been a normal international neighbor...had they used the help and aid offered by so many to improve their people's lives...that you and I would NOT be having this conversation today

    Surely you KNOW THAT!?!?!?!

    So before you ask me to sit back and contemplate what it is the Gazans face...I'd ask you to consider what the Jews have faced since 1948

    Or dont
    I couldnt give a rat's ass, actually.
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