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    It is gone now for the most part, and the hate toward them is sky rocketing.

    gosh - that is so true .. with every update news report, watso's revulsion of the isrealis increases ..

    indeed, watso often does not even want to listen/watch relevant news reports .. and switches radio/tv channels ..

    watso used to be sucked in by the american/isreali propaganda ... ok watso stopped believing the american propaganda a long time ago .. but maybe the isreali propaganda was flying a bit below the radar ..

    trump and his abraham accords (or whatever they were called) were a total joke .. by the time of that silly idea, watso had jumped off the trump train ..

    not that watso remotely supports america - but surely trump is the better option .. biden is potus - and we are on the verge of ww3 ..

    mmm PAX AMERICANA (the american peace) and we are so close to ww3 ..

    watso has posted elsewhere, that when the jews were persecuted in europe - they found protection in the ottoman empire (ie muslim ,, and mostly arab)
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