"While we are at it and you are so concerned about innocent...

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    "While we are at it and you are so concerned about innocent civilians and babies here’s a map ....."

    Stopped reading at this point. We've established the one group of people you care about exclusively above everyone else. It seems it is common for Jewish people to feel this way, and personally I think it is a good thing.

    What is less admirable are the Jews that resent other groups having their own in-group preference.

    You are good example of just such a person. I positively side with traditional European values. On a couple of occasions you have ridiculed those values. In my opinion they have produced the societies in modern day countries that have been the safest and most successful. The concept of "Judeo-Christian" values underpinning the west is utterly ridiculous, a fact born out of the knowledge that there would hardly be a Jew anywhere in Israel that believed in such an absurd idea.

    The biggest threat to the west is the control Zionist Jews have within these countries. You can try and deny it, but it is obvious to everyone who cares to look. This movement has a stranglehold on the west and, so far as that goes, for that reason I'd like to see it completely removed from the west. Failing that, I align with offering no support to a movement that has damaged so much in the past 100 years. Enough wars and enough deaths have occurred already.

    Now I sense my view really grates with you, but it is not going to change. You support something that I see (for good reason I think) as the enemy of everything decent. It's not the only evil in the world, but it is the most influential. Deceitful, murderous and relentless, and now it is once again in clear sight bombing people in its way, and pretending it is good for everyone that this should happen.
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