- 1979: #Israel withdrew from Sinai and all Egyptian territory....

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    - 1979: #Israel withdrew from Sinai and all Egyptian territory. A majority of Egyptians are still inciting against Israel today despite the peace treaty.- 1994: Israel signed peace with Jordan, where antisemitism levels today are on par with that in Europe in the 1930s.- 2000: Israel withdrew from south Lebanon, which signed on the UN Blue line quasi border, UN certified Israel complied with UNSC 425. What did Israel get in return? 200k rockets trained at its civilians by Hezbollah, which just started a war on Israel last month.- 2005: Israel withdrew from Gaza and handed more West Bank to the Palestinian Authority. What did Israel get? Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, engaged in 7 rounds of war in the last of which Hamas massacred 1,200 Israelis.=> So, who exactly came up with the idea that if Israel only withdraws from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Palestinians and Israel haters will take out their harps and start playing the hymns of peace?At best, Palestine will be another Gaza under Hamas, this time with IRGC chief getting a balcony view overseeing all of Israel to better design his upcoming massacre of Israelis. Before blaming Israel for the absence of peace, let's recognize and reward Israel for whatever steps it took for peace in the past, reciprocate, win Israel's trust, then assign blame if peace doesn't work out.
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