Whataboutery? Go revisit those defense in your posts. Remember...

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    Whataboutery? Go revisit those defense in your posts. Remember ADL supposedly ticked off Azov batallion as reformed because they modified their patch. You really believe that BS? Right Sector is a political wing of Nazi inspired party. There areca list to choose from.

    Remember the UN vote to ban the glorification of Nazism? It's good to know that Israel could not stomach the hypocrisy to abstain or the No vote.

    I mean when Stepan Bandera is a national hero with a street named after him and the Ukie orthodox celebrates his B'day says it all. You must like Bandera mindset, Pogroms, Jew barn smokehouse, etc.... oh surprise surprise, like tormentor like victim, Gaza is the new practise ground. Stockholm is closer than you think.

    Hunka Hunka ukie waltz?
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