It looks like ScoMo is not going to last and the Coalition to survive might have to find a new leader!!

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    We now have Kelly departing the Liberal Party.

    I think we are seeing flaws.

    I think it could centre around the leadership.

    The trouble is things are getting tougher, things need to be done smarter to be more effective.

    Propaganda and spin and handouts are good for marketing but not making things viable and sustainable. They need someone less doctoral and more pro debate. Less hierarchal and more communal possibly.

    It looks like the Coalition needs someone smart who can negotiate, understand the issues, achieve effective compromises and find the right path way as impossible forces run against immovable objects and civil war is getting closer.

    It appears spin, spending and promotion simply is not going to get it done and the leader needs to achieve consensus and make decisions for the people not the elite and lobbyists to make sure the party remains viable
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