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    Ah Ronnie...
    You're not teaching us anything new!! Just repeating yourself.. Speculative stocks with a scalable product and a management team that get out and sign contracts, sales, distributors etc, always get future growth potential priced into the market cap.. The idea is to find these stocks before they take off. Not whinging and down ramping when you miss the boat!!! Unlike your efforts with GSW and BUD.

    Only focusing on P/S ratios will generally send you to the beaten up, debt ridden, poorly managed, low growth stocks that struggle to generate interest..

    I can see why you can't stop going on about this though. Your advice and track record looks messy and confused! Just look at the topic of this thread for crying out loud!!!

    Anyway, I do own BUD. Bought my largest portion at 9c. Mainly because I liked the management team and thought the product was something that could generate interest and had the potential to keep updating and improving. Nothing has changed there! Unlike my GSW holding that I sold under $2.
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