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    On 1st May and in April, I cautioned about getting into perceived bargains falling knives stocks.

    IXUP (IXU) is a casualty today dropping 20% to 16c on low volume and no news. Market has given up waiting on MoUs and collaboration to materialise into real revenues for this data collaboration platform company.

    These falling knives stocks have the tendency to move south over time.

    On 18th April 2018, see link below, I warned about stocks with ‘falling knives’ charts

    A month ago: 16.5c
    Closed on 1/5: 10.5c
    1 month Price Change: -36.4%

    A month ago: 49c
    Closed on 1/5: 42c
    Price Change: -14.3%

    A month ago: 31c
    Closed on 1/5: 27.5c
    Price Change: -11.3%

    A month ago: 4.5c
    Closed on 1/5: 4.7c
    Price Change: +4.4%

    A month ago: 16.5c
    Closed on 1/5: 15c
    1 month Price Change: -9%

    A month ago: 5.5c
    Closed on 1/5: 4.6c
    1 month Price Change: -16.3%

    A month ago: 42.5c
    Closed on 1/5: 14c
    1 month Price Change: -67.06%

    A month ago: 18c
    Closed on 1/5: 15c
    1 month Price Change: -16.7%
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